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The Practice

While you envision your dream space, let us shape it for you.

Archriti Design Studio

Founded in 2015 with the intention of creating designs that represent your vision and meet your functional needs, we are a integrative design studio that specializes in fusing sustainability with architecture, interior design, and landscape design, to create a holistic design.

At Archriti, we believe in customizing spaces to meet your design requirements and create unique expressions that reflect your personality. This approach fosters a sense of belonging and connection to the built environment.

Our Approach

Developing sustainable designs  is at the core of our approach.

At Archriti, we believe in designing spaces that seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality while staying deeply rooted in nature. Our work emphasizes the use of natural elements such as light and air, maximizing their presence and potential in various forms.

Archriti Design Studio | Design Process

An efficient journey from start to finish.

Great projects begin with great relationships. By listening and getting to know you, we gain an intimate understanding of your design requirements.


Through multiple interactions and discussions, we develop an inspired, collaborative process to realize your vision.

The Design Journey

Our collaborative design approach delivers unique indoor and outdoor spaces. Below is a typical example of how we support you through the various design and execution stages, encompassing architecture, interior design, & landscape design. While every project is different, this process gives an overview of our approach.

Site Survey & Concept Design

With an understanding of the scope of work and design direction, we develop the design concept by analyzing the site and its surroundings.

Detailed Design

This stage develops every aspect of the design, shaping interior and exterior spaces with elements, materials, and lighting for a unique experience.

Material Selection

During this stage, we collaborate with you on every-minute interior fittings and fixtures, lighting, and budget reviews. We assist in selecting fabrics and finishes to ensure clarity and stay on schedule.

Project Information

The first step is to understand your project vision and collect data about site, building program, budget, timeline, and regulatory requirements, etc. This helps you make informed decisions and guides further design development.

Design Development & Planning

Once concept is finalized, we add detail and move towards outlining the design, adding details to develop working drawings for site execution.

Execution & Supervision

Detailed design, a solid contract, and a capable contractor ensure smooth project progression. The lead designer oversees adherence to plans and resolves any issues during construction.


After months of close collaboration and the culmination of all the hard work, we now hand over your dream project for you to live and experience.

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